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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Edinburgh Researchers Featured in USDA Forest Service Video Spotlight

Researchers from the Fire Group, involved in a project on wildland fire behavior in the context of hazardous fuel reduction treatments, have recently been featured in a video put together by the USDA Forest Service. The video highlights several aspects of the experimental fire which was carried out in New Jersey, USA earlier this year. Particular focus is put on efforts to better understand and characterize the generation of firebrands in a wildland fire. This aspect of the project is of significant interest to Edinburgh researchers, and associated work aimed at understanding the ignition of structures due to firebrand accumulation is being carried out in the Rushbrook Fire Laboratory, under the guidance of Prof. Albert Simeoni, with the support of the American Wood Council.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Playing with Fire - Towers of Babel

One night over cocktails almost two years ago Dr Cecilia Abecassis-Empis and Jo Rush started talking about what they respectively do; Cecilia, an academic at the BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering; and Jo, a freelance theatre director.  The conversation, like many, quickly moved onto the causes of the 9/11 structural collapses of the World Trade Centre (WTC) towers. Cecilia’s and Luke Bisby’s (who over-hearing the conversation could not help but chime in) frustration that the scientific reasoning and underlying messages around these events were not being heard sparked an idea in the creative recesses of Jo’s mind: Towers of Babel was born.

Jo commissioned a play-wright friend to start coming up with ideas and plot lines around the research into the WTC tower collapses, and explore the reasons why the message was not being heard by engineers and the public alike. Conversations over dinner, skype, and at conferences kept the juices flowing and the more questions were answered about “whose fault was it?”, “why has nothing changed?”, and “what other risks are out there?”, the more the play took its initial form. 

However we needed to know whether the characters rang true and whether the message that we wanted to say was coming across. We gave to the play to the actors. At a read-through at the University of Edinburgh in July 2014 five actors along with the play-wright, Jo, and a few academics examined every nuance of story and character. It was a success, and with some final polishing off a final script would be ready.

This is where we are now, with the play-wright looking at the changes and editing the script, and the director looking to expose the play to the public audience.  We are hoping to be previewing the work sometime early next year – with plans to take it to a full production soon afterwards.  Watch this space.


“Towers of Babel is an exciting new play that explores culpability, collusion, and the risks we take every day. It draws on specific research by the University of Edinburgh into why and how the World Trade Centre towers fell on 9/11, and asks why the engineering community, in general, is not acting upon the significant gaps in our understanding of fire exposed by this terrible event. Using this specific engineering failure as its focus, the play engages with wider questions about the blame culture in our society, the engineering choices made between financial cost and human cost, and how engineers quantify, manage and articulate risk to the wider public.”

For more details about any aspect of the show please contact David Rush:

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Fire Group at the IIE Scotland 2nd Postgraduate Conference

A strong Fire Group delegation presented their work yesterday at the IIE Scotland 2nd Postgraduate Conference. The annual event is organized by the Institutes for Infrastructure & Environment from Heriot-Watt University and The University of Edinburgh.

Many congratulations to Cristian Maluk, Mohamed Kiari, Zafiris Triantafyllidis, and Eric Mueller for being awarded in the categories of best paper/presentation and poster.

1st place
C. Maluk, L.A. Bisby, G.P. Terrasi
Fire Resistance Test on Precast CFRP Pretensioned Slabs
Joint 2nd place
M. Kiari, T. Stratford, L. Bisby
New Design of FRP Internal Reinforcement for Elevated Temperatures
Z. Triantafyllidis, L. Bisby
Flexural Behaviour of Steel I-Beams Protected with Fibre-Reinforced Intumescent Coatings at Ambient Temperature

1st place
E. Mueller, W. Mell, A. Simeoni
Large Eddy Simulation of Forest Canopy Flow with Applications to Wildland Fire

Cristian Maluk

Mohamed Kiari

Zafiris Triantafyllidis

Eric Mueller

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The IMFSE is renewed by Europe!

The IMFSE (International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering: Management Board is proud to announce that the IMFSE program has been labelled ‘a very interesting and valuable Erasmus Mundus Master course’ after official Quality Review assessment by the European Commission. As a result, the IMFSE program has been formally included to the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD) Catalogue of EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency). The IMFSE program scores particularly well in terms of ‘relevance’ and ‘attractiveness’. The major challenge is the attraction of external funding from public/private partners. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the IMFSE program directors for more details: Prof. Bart Merci (, Prof. Albert Simeoni ( and Prof. Patrick van Hees (