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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Workshop on 11th July: Probabilistic Approaches in Fire Safety Engineering

Please come join the Probabilistic Approaches in Fire Safety Engineering workshop on Thursday, 11th July in the AGB seminar room. The workshop aims to explore the use of probabilistic approaches in fire related research. Probabilistic analysis is a widely used technique for characterising the uncertainties in a system and is widely used in various engineering disciplines for calculating probabilities of failure. It is well suited to fire safety engineering due to the large variations that are inherent in fire spread and fire behaviour.

Prof. Ramachandran is a distinguished guest speaker at the workshop. Prof. Ramachandran is one of the leading researchers in the area of probabilistic fire risk assessment and has published on topics such as fire loss, reliability, fire spread and fire resistance. He has published numerous papers, several book chapters, two books, and is one of the co-authors of BS7974, Part 7, 2003 on Probabilistic Risk Assessment. 

Probabilistic Approaches in Fire Safety Engineering Workshop Programme
[Thursday 11th July, Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) Seminar room  (top floor, AGB building)]

[12:30] Registration

[13:00] Sandwich lunch

[13:30] Invited Seminar: Quantitative Risk Assessment Approach to Performance–Based Building Designs for Fire Safety (by Prof. Ramachandran, University of Leeds)

[14:30] Presentation by Prof. Asif Usmani: Uncertainty and its likely implications on Fire Safety Engineering

[14:45] Coffee break

[15:15] Break-out discussion session (Prof.  Ramachandran to comment on each group discussion)
            Group A  (AGB, rm 3.05)
            Cristian Maluk : H-TRIS: Moving away from the status quo
            Ryan Hilditch: Smoke Management for Modern Infrastructure - Entrainment Outside of the Lab
            Zaid Al-Azzawi: Fatigue Performance of Steel Plate Girders Retrofitted with FRP Shear  Strengthening A Probabilistic Approach
            Prof. Asif Usmani  
            Dr. Eric Marchant
            Pauline Pouymayou
            Group B (AGB, Seminar room)
            Dr. David Lange : Reliability testing of loaded timber elements in fire
            Ieuan RickardExplosive Spalling of Tunnel Linings
            Mohamed Kiari: Design of a FRP-reinforced concrete beam system for Fire Performance 
            Dr. Tim Stratford          
            Martyn Mclaggan
            Jian Zhang
            Group C  (William Rankine, rm 3.23)
            Juan Hidalgo Fire performance of thermal insulation materials and one year of devotion to fire science
            Shaun DevaneyDevelopment of Reliability based Software for Structural Fire Engineering
            Prof. Luke Bisby
            Tony O’Donnell
            Zafiris Triantafyllidis
            Dr. Martin Gillie
            Group D  (William Rankine, Fishbowl)
            Emma Reid : Fire Performance of FRP Reinforced Concrete: Understanding Bond Deterioration at Elevated Temperature
            Dr. Stephen Welch:FireGrid - tackling fire hazard uncertainties with live measurements
            Dr. Rory Hadden: Probabilistic Approaches to Fire Investigation
            Prof. Dougal Drysdale
            Dr. Juan Echeverria
            Michal Krajcovic

[16:00] Group discussion sum-up

Anyone interested in probabilistic approaches to fire safety engineering all welcome to the workshop. We hope the workshop to be filled with fruitful discussion: so please come join!

Please feel free to contact our co-organisers if you are willing to attend or interested in making a short presentation, a good estimate of attenders will help us order catering and organise this workshop:

Holly Smith ( , Liming Jiang (

Monday, June 03, 2013

New Professor of Fire Safety Engineering at Edinburgh

We are pleased to announce that Dr Albert Simeoni, currently Associate Professor at WPI in the USA, has been appointed as the BRE Chair in Fire Safety Engineering, and will be joining us from July 2013.