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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Prof Bisby speaks at Royal Academy of Engineering Research Forum 2013 - live tweets

More to follow... 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Edinburgh SFPE Student Chapter

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Edinburgh SFPE Student Chapter.

The Edinburgh SFPE Student Chapter is an association of research students within the BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering at The University of Edinburgh. The Fire Group of Edinburgh is a world-renowned centre for fire research composed of international researchers with a multidisciplinary background. The research undertaken by the members covers the areas of fire science and fire safety engineering.

The foundation of the Student Chapter was motivated by the opportunity for improved cooperation among the fire safety engineering students at The University of Edinburgh and other SFPE Student Chapters, and to increase dissemination of our research output.

The objectives of the Student Chapter are to:
  • Enhance the existing research environment within the group in order to foster the generation of new ideas and constructive feedback.
  • Educate Undergraduate students on the opportunities for further study in the field of fire safety engineering.
  • Encourage the involvement of Undergraduate and Master’s students in the group’s on-going research.
  • Strengthen the bond between Alumni and current students from The University of Edinburgh.
  • Foster collaborative relations with other Student Chapters and fire research groups.
  • Establish alternative paths for accessing fire related literature resources.
In order to achieve these objectives, the Student Chapter will run a series of activities such as seminars, invited speakers and social events. Seminars will cover fire safety engineering topics and will be led by lecturers, PhD students and alumni.

The idea for creating this Chapter was first proposed by our former lecturer and colleague Dr Guillermo Rein who is currently a senior lecturer in mechanical engineering at Imperial College London.  This idea was seized upon by the PhD students John Gales, Juan Hidalgo, Shaun Devaney, Ryan Hilditch, Zafiris Triantafyllidis and Martyn McLaggan supported by Professor Luke Bisby.

The Chapter will commence running activities and enrolling new students with the beginning of the academic year. On September 17th we will take the chance to introduce the Chapter to the Edinburgh student body after the seminar given by John Gales at 1pm in the AGB Seminar Room.

We would like to invite any student with an interest in any aspect of fire safety engineering to attend the seminar.

The Chapter’s committee.