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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Guise Medal

Warm congratulations to Prof. Jose Torero who has received the 2008 Arthur B. Guise Medal from the Society of Fire Protection Engineering. This is the second Guise Medal going to Univ. of Edinburgh, the first went to Prof. Drysdale in 1995. The medal will be given to Jose in a ceremony after his Award Lecture on Oct 14th during the 2008 SFPE The Annual

Video clips from the presentation:

Clip 1: Introduction to "Dr Hose" and the award.

Clip 2: Introduction to the presentation by Jose Torero.

Clip 3: Conclusion to the presentation by Jose Torero.

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Guillermo said...

The 2008 Arthur B. Guise Award Lecture of Jose can be found here:

It was given during the 2008 SFPE Professional Development Conference and Exposition held on October 12-17, 2008: