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Friday, April 24, 2009

1st Prize at Graduate Lecture in Fire Engineering

Many congratulations to Johan Hjertson and Sam Collins for beening awarded the 1st Prize at the 2009 Graduate Lecture competition of the Institution of Fire Engineers. Their MEng thesis is on the fire safety design for a building at high altitude and enriched oxygen atmospheres and included fire tests conducted in Puno, Peru, at 3801 m altitude.

This year the Graduate Lecture was hosted by Arup at their Solihull Campus, Birmingham.

The Graduate Lecture provides a showcase for the excellent research being carried out by Fire Engineering students in their Graduate year, with cash prizes awarded. The event attracts Fire Industry employers seeking to recruit, offering career opportunities for young Fire Engineers.


Pedro Reszka said...

3800 m altitude!

dennisjoe said...

Firstly congratulation to Mr. Johan Hjertson and Mr.Sam Collins for beening awarded the 1st prize at the 2009 Graduate Lecture competition.
It is the place for those student who want to built their career in Fire Engineering. Undoubtedly The Graduate Lecture help them to furnished their career in the field.

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