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Monday, July 27, 2009

New International Master in Fire Safety Engineering between Edinburgh, Ghent and Lund approved by Erasmus Mundus

The new International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering has been approved by Erasmus Mundus (the European commission's cooperation and mobility programme in the field of European higher education). The joint degree starts in Sept 2010 and involves the universities of Edinburgh (UK), Ghent (Belgium) and Lund (Sweden).

The curriculum concerns a two-year program in four semesters in total. The structure is such that the students benefit from the expertise of each of the partners. The first semester, covering basic topics in fire safety engineering, is taught in Ghent or Edinburgh (student's choice). All students spend the second semester in Lund, with emphasis on enclosure fire dynamics, risk analysis and human behaviour. The third semester is again taught in Ghent (focus on general fire safety engineering) or Edinburgh (focus on fire and structures). The fourth semester is devoted to the Master’s thesis, hosted by one or more of the three institutions.

A number of scholarships would be available for EU and non-EU students.

NOTE: this blog entry has been related to a later entry in the SFPE blog.


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