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Friday, September 11, 2009

Visit by Fire Officer Trevor Johnson and seminar on the Scottish Wildfire Forum

Trevor Johnson, Assistant Chief Fire Officer at Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service, is visiting the fire group and will give a seminar on 1st of October at 1pm in the Alexander Graham Bell Bldg (Seminar room 3rd floor).

Trevor Johnson is a senior manager serving with Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service with responsibility for risk management. He has been heavily involved with wildfire issues since 1996, having established wildfire groups and organised the first UK CFOA Wildfire Conference in 2001. He is currently the chair of the Scottish Wildfire Forum.

Seminar abstract:
*The Wildfire Issue: Towards a Wildfire Strategy for the UK*

(a copy of the presentation can be found here and a video here)

Throughout the UK a number of Fire Services and land managers have been working hard to progress issues relating to wildfire and in a number of areas significant progress has been made. Building on the direction of travel established by the Scottish Wildfire Forum, the chair Trevor Johnson, gives an overview of how the future strategic approach to wildfire could develop.

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