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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Edinburgh's fire experiment made banner of a prestigious research images exhibition

Claire Belcher's photo of a fire experiment carried on at Edinburgh is featuring now on a large banner outside Newman House in Dublin, Ireland!

Image: Fuelling The Global Warming Debate

The image entitled "Fuelling The Global Warming Debate" is part of an research images exhibition put together by University College Dublin Research and curated by: The Irish Research Centre (at Trinity College), Gerry O'Leary (award winning photographer) and Willie White (Artistic director, Project Arts Centre). The image selected for the prestigious exhibition was taken during Claire's visit in 2009 and shows a burning monkey-puzzle tree branch inside the state-of-the-art Fire Propagation Apparatus (FPA) in the fire lab of the BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering. The experiments was being run by the PhD student Freddy Jervis.

The image is followed by the description "Global warming is expected to cause vegetation change. How these changes will alter wildfire activity is of increasing concern to researchers in the context of the threat to human life and ecosystems. This images shows the ignitability of different vegetation being tested using state-of-the-art fire propagation apparatus".

The UCD Research Images Exhibition 2009, part of Innovation Dublin festival, showcases a wide range of compelling images that have been created by researchers at UCD and their collaborators during the course of their research. The images on display have been submitted by researchers at all levels (PhD student to Professor), across a range of disciplines in UCD, from Arts and Human Sciences, to Engineering and Life Sciences. The Exhibition, which is open to the public, features the most innovative and imaginative research images that convey the depth and range of research taking place at UCD. The exhibition is being held over the next week at Newman House, 85-86 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2, Ireland.

by Dr Claire Belcher (biogeochemist at University College Dublin working on mass extinction events, fire ecology, palaeowildfires, and ancient atmospheres).

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