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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Event Horizon

April 22rd – two days after a massive explosion killed 11 people – a photographer captures the final moments of the Deep Water Horizon. The enormous oil rig, crippled by fire and eventually consumed by water, had been drilling an offshore oil well for BP (now investing $100 million in a massive cleanup operation).

Meanwhile the well continue to spill oil, producing a slick that could threaten coastlines along the Gulf of Mexico.
Despite the practical difficulties in doing so, the U.S. coastguard is considering setting fire to the oil slick before it reaches land.

ROVs have been sent down to the enormous 450 ton sub-surface valve but attempts to shut it off have so far failed. An investigation has begun to uncover the cause of the incident. It is unclear if there will be attempts to raise the DW Horizon from the seabed - now 1.5 kilometres down.

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