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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Conference Report: Interflam 2010 at Nottingham

The 12th Interflam conference took place from 5 to 7th July 2010 at Nottingham, UK. Some 130 papers and over 70 poster paper were presented. It was well attended by individuals both from research institutions and industry.

Edinburgh presented four papers and one poster, and was represented by
David Rush, Nicolas Bal, Jamie Stern-Gottfried, Freddy Jervis, Luke Bisby and Guillermo Rein.

There was only one plenary talk, the Keynote Lecture by M Janssens that opened the conference on Monday morning. It focused on Interflam's past, with plenty of statistics about old papers and historical topics. It was a lost opportunity to inspire the incoming generation of researchers.

There were many excellent papers presented, specially on pyrolysis modelling and compartment fires. But overall, the best element at Interflam was the lively discussions experienced at most sessions.

Event organisation was flawless and the venue very comfortable. Only complains mentioned were the low quality accommodations (student dorms) and the very high conference fees.

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