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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Prof Jose Torero's Christmas Lecture

Fire: A story of fascination, familiarity and fear

University of Edinburgh Christmas Lecture 2010
Presented by Prof Jose Torero
Recorded Wednesday 8th December 2010

Prof Jose Torero with the Tam Dalyell medal.


Guillermo Rein said...

While I was wondering if the previous Christmas lecture on fire and combusiton could have been that given by Faraday in 1860 at the The Royal Institution ("The Chemical History of a Candle"), I found these two previous ones; in 1876 by John Hall Gladstone "The Chemistry of Fire", and in 1890 by James Dewar "Frost and Fire".

Does anyone know any another?

Guillermo Rein said...

Great talk. I specially enjoy the final sentence "Transition between fear and enlightenment is always knowledge". But perhaps, final humorous comment by Prof Brown (min 46.06) "I'm looking for to have you putting your candle out" hints that he has not transitioned yet?

Allan said...

A fantastic lecture. Congratulations to Jose - fully deserving of this award!