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Monday, August 10, 2009

A day off from studies at the Highland Games in North Berwick

by Anna M Jonsdottir, 2009 MSc student in Structural and Fire Safety Engineering.

When there are 10 days until your deadline for the MS.c dissertation what is better than taking the day off to go and breath in the local culture? Well maybe it would have been more logical to sit at home and work, work, work but since my brain was on the verge of overflow or short circuit, the day off was absolutely necessary.

And what a treat! Last Saturday was dry (yes, ALL day!!) and mostly sunny and off I was to the Highland Games in North Berwick. This beautiful small town was full of life and on the ground of the games families sat having picnic and I just walked around taking in the scene.
There were so many different competitions that I cannot name but enjoyed watching nevertheless.

I have always had a thing for men in Kilts and boy did I get my money worth that day! They came in all shapes and sizes (and all ages to!)

At the end of the day all the pipe-bands (around 1500 drummers and pipers) marched through the town and the atmosphere was wonderful.

Even though all this piping still rang in my ears when I lay down on my pillow that night, this day was wonderful and I believe Sunday was more productive in my dissertation work than it would have been if I had not taken this day off.

Anna M. Jonsdottir

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