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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Prof Howard Emmons applied the first fire model in 1980

I just found this interesting old TV show where Howard Emmons speaks of the 1980 MGM Las Vegas fire and of the fire code Harvard. Howard Emmons, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Harvard University was one of the fathers of modern fire science. In this fire investigation, Prof. Emmons used a computer fire simulation to study a real fire for the first time in history.

-Go to min 1.52 into the video to watch the interview with Prof. Emmons.
-Go to min 6.40 and 8.00 to watch the fire code Harvard.
-Go to min 7.18 to watch David Lucht and Cone Calorimeter experiments conducted at WPI.

I never met Prof. Emmons, so I really appreciate the opportunity to hear and watch him talk about fire science and fire modelling.

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