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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

SiF 2014 conference - Shanghai: Paper and Posters

A strong Edinburgh delegation presented several papers at the 8th International Conference on Structures in Fire, held in Shanghai in June 2014.  The titles and authors of the papers are listed below (Edinburgh authors highlighted in bold), and the proceedings of the conference can be found at

Title: Towards fragility analysis for structural fire resistance: residual capacity of concrete columns
Authors: D. Rush, L. Bisby, I. Ioannou and T. Rossetto
Proceeding pages: 459 - 466

Title: Deformation and response of continuous and restrained post-tensioned concrete slabs at high temperatures
Authors: J. Gales and L. Bisby
Proceeding pages: 305 - 312

Title: Software firelab for probabilistic analysis of steel-framed structures in fire
Authors: S. Devaney, A. Usmani and C.S. Manohar
Proceeding pages: 919 - 926

Title: Selection criteria of fire scenarios for buildings
Authors: I.Del Prete, G. Cefarelli, A. Ferraro, E. Nigro and D. Sannino
Proceeding pages: 1079 - 1086

Title: Punching shear of restrained reinforced concrete slabs under fire conditions
Authors: H.K.M. Smith, T. J. Stratford and L. Bisby
Proceeding pages: 443 - 450

Title: Evaluating design guidance for intumescent fire protection of concrete filled structural hollow sections
Authors: D. Rush, L. Bisby and A. Jowsey
Proceeding pages: 1071 - 1078

Title: High temperature performance of sustainable concrete with recycled concrete aggregates
Authors: J. Gales, T. Parker, M.F. Green, D. Cree and L. Bisby
Proceeding pages: 1203 - 1210

Title: Mechanical properties of fibre reinforced polymer reinforcement for concrete at high temperature
Authors: E. McIntyre, A. Bilotta, L. Bisby and E. Nigro
Proceeding pages: 1227 - 1234

Title: Experimental and numerical studies on damage mechanisms in cementitious coatings on structural steel members
Authors: S.W. Chen, L.M. Jiang, A. Usmani and G.Q. Li
Proceeding pages: 1251 - 1258

Title: Analytical solutions for nonlinear response of plates under thermal loading
Authors: P. Khazaeinejad and A. Usmani
Proceeding pages: 969 - 978

Title: Post-fire residual capacity of protected and unprotected concrete filled steel hollow columns
Authors: D. Rush, L. Bisby and A. Jowsey
Proceeding pages: 435 - 442

Title: Influence of ductility on the behaviour of RC frames in post-earthquake fire 
Authors: Asif H. Shah, Praveen Kamath, Umesh K. Sharma, Pradeep Bhargava, Asif Usmani, GR Reddy, Tarvinder Singh and Hitesh Lakhani
Proceeding pages: 279 - 286

Title: Calibration of a simplified method for fire resistance assessment of partially encased composite beams
Authors: E. Nigro, I.D. Prete, D. Sannino and G. Cefarelli
Proceeding pages: 713 - 720

Title: Fire-induced progressive collapse of braced steel structures
Authors: J. Jiang, G.Q. Li and A. Usmani
Proceeding pages: 887 - 894

Title: An opensees-based integrated tool for modelling structures in realistic design fires
Authors: L.M. Jiang, Y.Q. Jiang, J. Jiang, A. Usmani and S.W. Chen
Proceeding pages: 987 - 994

Title: A novel test method for the study of structures in fire (topic: experimental studies)
Authors: C. Maluk and L. Bisby
Proceeding pages: 1063 - 1070

Title: Fire safety check of existing tall office buildings applying fire engineering approach: a case study
Authors: E. Nigro, I. D.Prete, G. Cefarelli, Anna Ferraro, Domenico Sannino and Gaetano Manfredi
Proceeding pages: 1087 - 1094

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